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Summary Outline of Managers Amendment


H.R. 202- Preserving Affordable Housing for Senior Citizens and Families Into the 21st Century


  • Makes a series of technical and conforming changes based on comments from HUD, the Minority, and changes designed to address CBO budget scoring concerns.
  • Makes a series of substantive changes proposed by Members of the Banking Committee, and others by elderly citizens groups, including AARP. Among these substantive changes, the Manager’s Amendment:
    • Adds Protection against Telemarketing Fraud as an eligible item under HUD’s existing Congregate Housing Services program.
    • Adds "Intergenerational learning and care centers and living arrangements, in particular to facilitate appropriate environments for families consisting only of children and a grandparent or grandparents who are the head of the household" as a study requirement for the Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Care Facility Needs in the 21st Century. Mr. Capuano was the source for this change.
    • Clarifies HUD’s existing authority to provide waivers to exceed the 150% of fair market rent limit for section 8 contract renewal purposes.
      • NOTE: A unanimous consent request will be made to amend the printed managers amendment as follows:

-Page 5, line 12, strike "equal" and insert "up"

-Page 7, line 4, strike "equal" and insert "up"

    • Makes changes to section 504 of the bill, the refinancing of existing home equity conversion mortgages, based on AARP comments and their testimony concerning disclosure requirements, waiver of counseling requirements, credit for paid premiums, and fees.


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