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Committee on Financial Services

United States House of Representatives

Hearings from the 110th Congress (2007-2008)

12/10/2008 Oversight Concerns Regarding Treasury Department Conduct of the Troubled Assets Relief ProgramFull Committee
12/5/2008 Review of Industry Plans to Stabilize the Financial Condition of the American Automobile IndustryFull Committee
11/19/2008 Stabilizing the Financial Condition of the American Automobile IndustryFull Committee
11/18/2008 Oversight of Implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and of Government Lending and Insurance Facilities; Impact on Economy and Credit AvailabilityFull Committee
11/12/2008 Private Sector Cooperation with Mortgage Modifications-Ensuring That Investors, Servicers and Lenders Provide Real Help for Troubled HomeownersFull Committee
10/21/2008 The Future of Financial Services RegulationFull Committee
9/25/2008 Oversight Hearing to Examine Recent Treasury and FHFA Actions Regarding the Housing GSEsFull Committee
9/24/2008 The Future of Financial Services: Exploring Solutions for the Market CrisisFull Committee
9/18/2008 Auction Rate Securities Market: A Review of Problems and Potential ResolutionsFull Committee
9/17/2008 The Implementation of the Hope for Homeowners Program and A Review of Foreclosure Mitigation EffortsFull Committee
9/16/2008 HUD's Proposed RESPA RuleOversight and Investigations
9/10/2008 Sovereign Wealth Funds: New Challenges from a Changing LandscapeDIMP
9/6/2008 The Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhoods in California’s Central Valley: Challenges and SolutionsFull Committee
7/30/2008 Examining Issues Related to Tactilely Distinguishable CurrencyDIMP
7/29/2008 Affordable Housing in West Virginia: Challenges in the Eastern PanhandleHousing
7/29/2008 What Borrowers Need to Know About Credit Scoring Models and Credit ScoresOversight & Investigations
7/25/2008 A Review of Mortgage Servicing Practices and Foreclosure MitigationFull Committee
7/24/2008 Implications of a Weaker Dollar for Oil Prices and the U.S.EconomyFull Committee
7/24/2008 Systemic Risk and the Financial MarketsFull Committee
7/17/2008 GAO Report on Regulation B: Should Lenders Be Required to Collect Race and Gender Data of Borrowers for All LoansOversight and Investigations
7/16/2008 Humphrey Hawkins Hearing on Monetary PolicyFull Committee
7/10/2008 Systemic Risk and the Financial MarketsFull Committee
7/9/2008 Federal Spending Requirements in Housing and Community Development Programs: Challenges in 2008 and BeyondHousing
6/26/2008 Problem Credit Card Practices Affecting Students: The Need for Legislative ActionFI and Consumer Credit
6/26/2008 H.R. 6066, the Extractive Industries Transparency Disclosure ActFull Committee
6/20/2008 H.R. 5772, the Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act of 2008Housing
6/19/2008 Affordable Housing Preservation and Protection of TenantsFull Committee
6/18/2008 The 15th Replenishment of the International Development Association (IDA) and the 11th Replenishment of the African Development Fund (AfDF)Full Committee
6/16/2008 Foreclosure Problems and Solutions: Federal, State, and Local Efforts to Address the Foreclosure Crisis in OhioHousing
6/11/2008 H.R. 6078, the Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods Act of 2008Full Committee
6/10/2008 H.R. 5840, the Insurance Information Act of 2008Capital Markets
6/5/2008 Examining the Administration's Proposal to Establish a Multilateral Clean Technology FundDIMP
6/4/2008 Examining the Roles and Responsibilities of HUD and FEMA in Responding to the Affordable Housing Needs of Gulf Coast States following Emergencies and Natural DisastersJoint Hearing
5/22/2008 Targeting Federal Aid to Neighborhoods Distressed by the Subprime Mortgage CrisisHousing
5/22/2008 Impact on Homebuyers and Housing Market of Conforming Loan Limit IncreaseFull Committee
5/21/2008 The Impact of Credit-Based Insurance Scoring on the Availability and Affordability of InsuranceOversight and Investigations
5/20/2008 Examining the Need for H.R. 2885, the Credit Monitoring Clarification ActFull Committee
5/14/2008 Contributing Factors and International Responses to the Global Food CrisisFull Committee
5/8/2008 Emergency CDBG Funds in the Gulf Coast: Uses, Challenges, and Lessons for the FutureHousing
4/17/2008 The Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights: Providing New Protections for ConsumersFI and Consumer Credit
4/16/2008 H.R. 5679, The Foreclosure Prevention and Sound Mortgage Servicing Act of 2008Housing
4/16/2008 Examining Proposals on Insurance Regulatory ReformCapital Markets
4/15/2008 H.R. 5579, the Emergency Mortgage Loan Modification Act of 2008Capital Markets
4/15/2008 Financial Literacy and Education: The Effectiveness of Governmental and Private Sector InitiativesFull Committee
4/10/2008 Using FHA for Housing Stabilization and Homeownership RetentionFull Committee
4/9/2008 Using FHA for Housing Stabilization and Homeownership RetentionFull committee
4/2/2008 Proposed UIGEA Regulations: Burden without Benefit?”DIMP
3/15/2008 Public Housing Redevelopment Strategies: Implications for Jordan Downs, Its Community, and ResidentsHousing
3/13/2008 The Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights: Providing New Protections for ConsumersFI and Consumer Credit
3/12/2008 Municipal Bond Turmoil: Impact on Cities, Towns, and StatesFull Committee
3/11/2008 Coin Modernization and Taxpayer Savings Act of 2008
3/11/2008 The Oversight of the Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentFull Committee
3/8/2008 The Use of Federal Housing and Economic Development Funds in St. Louis: From ‘Team 4’ Into the Future
3/6/2008 The Need for Credit Union Regulatory Relief and ImprovementFull Committee
3/5/2008 Foreign Government Investment in the U.S. Economy and Financial SectorJoint Hearing
2/27/2008 Monetary Policy and the State of the EconomyFull Committee  
2/26/2008 Monetary Policy and the State of the EconomyFull Committee
2/14/2008 The State of the Bond Insurance IndustryCapital Markets
2/13/2008 The Community Reinvestment Act: Thirty Years of Accomplishments, but Challenges RemainFull Committee  
2/11/2008 Effects of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in New York City and Efforts to Help Struggling HomeownerFI and Consumer Credit
2/11/2008 The 'Homeowners' Insurance Crisis and its Impact on Communities, Homeowners and the EconomyOversight and Investigations
2/8/2008 Negative Implications of the President’s Signing Statement on the Sudan Accountability and Divestment ActFull Committee
2/7/2008 Diversity in the Financial Services SectorOversight and Investigations
2/7/2008 Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2007Full Committee
12/12/2007 The Financial Consumer Hotline Act of 2007: Providing Consumers with Easy Access to the Appropriate Banking RegulatorFI and Consumer Credit
12/6/2007 Accelerating Loan Modifications, Improving Foreclosure Prevention and Enhancing EnforcementFull Committee  
12/5/2007 Affordable Housing Needs of America’s Low Income VeteransHousing
11/30/2007 Foreclosure Prevention and Intervention: The Importance of Loss Mitigation Strategies in Keeping Families in Their Homes
11/8/2007 H.R. 2634, the Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation of 2007Full Committee
11/2/2007 Progress in Administration and Other Efforts to Coordinate and Enhance Mortgage Foreclosure PreventionFull Committee
10/30/2007 Preserving and Expanding Minority BanksOversight and Investigations
10/30/2007 Additional Perspectives on the Need for Insurance Regulatory ReformCapital Markets
10/29/2007 Affordable Housing Needs in the City of Houston: Unique Challenges and Opportunities
10/25/2007 Transparency of Extractive Industries: High Stakes for Resource-Rich Countries, Citizens and International BusinessFull Committee
10/24/2007 Legislative Proposals on Reforming Mortgage PracticesFull Committee
10/23/2007 H.R. 647, The Mark-to-Market Extension Act of 2007Housing
10/17/2007 The Impact of Late Housing Assistance Payments on Tenants and Owners in the Project-Based Rental Assistance ProgramHousing
10/17/2007 U.S.-Russia Economic Relationship: Implications of the Yukos Affair 
10/16/2007 The Reauthorization of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance ActHousing
10/15/2007 Mortgage Lending DisparitiesFull Committee
10/4/2007 The Reauthorization of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance ActHousing
10/3/2007 The Fight Against Global Poverty and Inequality: the World Bank’s Approach to Core Labor Standards and Employment CreationFull Committee
10/3/2007 The Need for Insurance Regulatory ReformCapital Markets
10/2/2007 Systemic Risk: Examining Regulators' Ability to React to Threats in the Financial SystemFull Committee
10/2/2007 Credit-Based Insurance Scores: Are They FairOversight and Investigations
9/27/2007 SEC Proxy Access Proposals: Implications for InvestorsFull Committee
9/27/2007 The Role of Credit Rating Agencies in the Structured Finance MarketCapital Markets
9/20/2007 Legislative and Regulatory Options for Minimizing and Mitigating Mortgage ForeclosuresFull Committee
9/6/2007 H.R. 3355, the Homeowners Defense Act of 2007Joint Hearing
9/6/2007 H.R. 2930, the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Act of 2007Housing
9/5/2007 Recent Events in the Credit and Mortgage Markets and Possible Implications for U.S. Consumers and the Global EconomyFull Committee
8/9/2007 The Effect of Predatory Lending and the Foreclosure Crisis on Twin Cities’ Communities and NeighborhoodsFull Committee
8/7/2007 Credit Cards and Older AmericansFI and Consumer Credit
7/25/2007 Improving Federal Consumer Protection in Financial Services – Consumer and Industry PerspectivesFull Committee
7/25/2007 Rooting Out Discrimination in Mortgage Lending: Using HMDA as a Tool for Fair Lending EnforcementOversight and Investigations
7/19/2007 The National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act of 2007, H.R. 2895Full Committee
7/18/2007 Monetary Policy and the State of the EconomyFull Committee
7/17/2007 H.R. 920, the Multiple Peril Insurance Act of 2007Housing
7/17/2007 Monetary Policy and the State of the EconomyFull Committee
7/11/2007 Overdraft Protection: Fair Practices for ConsumersFI and Consumer Credit
7/11/2007 Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk: Perspectives of The President’s Working Group on Financial MarketsFull Committee
7/10/2007 Affordable Housing Preservation: Lessons from Starrett CityHousing
6/26/2007 A Review of Investor Protection and Market Oversight with the Five Commissioners of the Securities and Exchange CommissionFull Committee
6/22/2007 Homeowner Downpayment Assistance Programs and Related IssuesHousing
6/21/2007 Reauthorization of the HOPE VI ProgramHousing
6/21/2007 Examining a Legislative Solution to Extend and Revise the Terrorism Risk Insurance ActCapital Markets
6/20/2007 The State of the International Financial SystemFull Committee
6/19/2007 Will Examine Consumers’ Ability to Dispute and Change Inaccurate InformationFull Committee
6/13/2007 Improving Federal Consumer Protection in Financial ServicesFull Committee
6/12/2007 National Flood Insurance Program: Issues Exposed by the 2005 HurricanesJoint Hearing
6/12/2007 The Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2007, H.R. 1682Housing
6/8/2007 Can Internet Gambling Be Effectively Regulated to Protect Consumers and the Payments System?Full Committee
6/7/2007 Improving Credit Card Consumer Protection: Recent Industry and Regulatory InitiativesFI and Consumer Credit
6/6/2007 U.S. Interests in Reform of China’s Financial Services SectorFull Committee
6/6/2007 Reauthorization of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination ActHousing
5/22/2007 The Role and Effectiveness of the World Bank in Combating Global PovertyFull Committee
5/17/2007 Remittances: Access, Transparency, and Market Efficiency- A Progress ReportDIMP
5/16/2007 Private Equity's Effects on Workers and FirmsFull Committee
5/10/2007 Suspicious Activity and Currency Transaction Reports: Balancing Law Enforcement Utility and Regulatory RequirementsOversight and Investigations
5/9/2007 Currency Manipulation and Its Effects on U.S. Businesses and WorkersJoint Hearing
5/8/2007 The Role of the Secondary Market in Subprime Mortgage LendingFI and Consumer Credit
5/8/2007 Rural Housing Programs: Review Fiscal Year 2008 Budget and Pending Rural Housing Legislation."Housing
4/26/2007 Credit Card Practices: Current Consumer and Regulatory IssuesFI and Consumer Credit
4/25/2007 H.R. 698, the Industrial Bank Holding Company Act of 2007Full Committee
4/24/2007 Policy Options for Extending the Terrorism Risk Insurance ActCapital Markets
4/19/2007 The Expanding American Homeownership Act of 2007: H.R. 1852 and Related FHA Modernization IssuesHousing
4/18/2007 Isolating Proliferators and Sponsors of Terror: The Use of Sanctions and the International Financial System to Change Regime BehaviorDIMP
4/17/2007 Possible Responses to Rising Mortgage ForeclosuresHousing
4/4/2007 Household Incomes and Housing Costs: A New Squeeze for American FamiliesFull Committee
3/27/2007 Perspectives on Natural Disaster InsuranceHousing
3/27/2007 Subprime and Predatory Mortgage Lending: New Regulatory Guidance, Current Market Conditions and Effects on Regulated Financial InstitutionsFI and Consumer Credit
3/23/2007 The Role of Public Investment in Promoting Economic Growthfc>
3/20/2007 The Darfur Accountability and Divestment ActDIMP
3/15/2007 Legislative Proposals on GSE ReformFull Committee
3/14/2007 Full Committee Hearing on the Oversight of Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentFull Committee
3/13/2007 Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk in the Financial MarketsFull Committee
3/12/2007 Legislative Proposals on GSE ReformCapital Markets
3/9/2007 The Section 8 Voucher Reform ActHousing
3/8/2007 Empowering Shareholders on Executive Compensation: H.R. 1257, The Shareholder Vote on Executive Compensation ActFull Committee
3/7/2007 The Role of Remittances in Leveraging Sustainable Development in Latin America and the CaribbeanDIMP
3/5/2007 The Need to Extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance ActCapital Markets
2/28/2007 Insurance Claims Payment Processes in the Gulf Coast after the 2005 HurricanesOversight and Investigations
2/23/2007 Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis in the Gulf Region Post Katrina: Why no progress and what are the obstacles to success?Housing
2/22/2007 Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis in the Gulf Region Post Katrina: Why no progress and what are the obstacles to success?Housing
2/16/2007 The State of the Economy, the State of the Labor Market, and the Conduct of Monetary PolicyFull Committee
2/15/2007 The State of the Economy, the State of the LaborMarket, and the Conduct of Monetary PolicyFull Committee
2/7/2007 Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), One Year After Dubai Ports WorldFull Committee
2/6/2007 Federal Housing Response to Hurricane KatrinaFull Committee


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