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Committee on Financial Services

United States House of Representatives

Hearings from the 111th Congress (2009-2010)

12/8/2010 A Proposal to Increase the Offering Limit under SEC Regulation A, 111-168 Full Committee
11/30/2010 Investments Tied to Genocide: Sudan Divestment and Beyond, 111-167 International Monetary Policy and Trade
11/18/2010 Signing, Chain of Title, Loss Mitigation and Other Issues in Mortgage Servicing, 111-166 Housing and Community Opportunity
11/16/2010 The Global Financial Crisis and Financial Reforms in Nigeria, 111-165 International Monetary Policy and Trade
9/29/2010 The Future of Housing Finance-A Review of Proposals to Address Market Structure and Transition, 111-164 Full Committee
9/29/2010 The Inclusive Home Design Act, 111-163 Housing and Community Opportunity
9/29/2010 Ex-Im Bank Oversight: The Role of Trade Finance in Doubling Exports over Five Years, 111-162 Oversight and Investigations
9/28/2010 A Review of Current and Evolving Trends in Terrorism Financing, 111-161 Oversight and Investigations
9/24/2010 Executive Compensation Oversight after the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, 111-160 Full Committee
9/23/2010 Legislative Hearing on H.R. 3149, the Equal Employment for All Act, 111-159 Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
9/23/2010 Assessing the Limitations of the Securities Investor Protection Act, 111-158 Capital Markets
9/23/2010 Perspectives on the Livable Communities Act of 2010, 111-157 Full Committee
9/22/2010 Implementation of Higher FHA Loan Fees and Pending Legislative Proposals to Strengthen the FHA MMIF Fund and Improve Lender Oversight, 111-156 Full Committee
9/22/2010 The State of the International Financial System, Including International Regulatory Issues Relevant to the Implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, 111-155 Full Committee
9/16/2010 Legislative Proposals to Address Concerns Over the SECís New Confidentiality Provision, 111-154 Full Committee
9/15/2010 The Future of Housing Finance: A Progress Update on the GSEs, 111-153 Capital Markets
8/24/2010 Empowering Consumers: Can Financial Literacy Education Prevent Another Financial Crisis?, 111-152 Oversight and Investigations
8/23/2010 Too Big Has Failed: Learning from Midwest Banks and Credit Unions, 111-151 Oversight and Investigations
7/29/2010 Alternatives for Promoting Liquidity in the Commercial Real Estate Markets, Supporting Small Businesses and Increasing Job Growth, 111-150 Full Committee
7/29/2010 Future of Housing Finance: The Role of Private Mortgage Insurance, 111-149 Capital Markets
7/22/2010 Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy, 111-147 Full Committee
7/22/2010 Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy, 111-148 Full Committee
7/21/2010 H.R. 2267, Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, 111-146 Full Committee
7/20/2010 The State of U.S. Coins and Currency, 111-145 Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology
7/20/2010 Oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Evaluating Present Reforms and Future Challenges, 111-144 Capital Markets
7/13/2010 After the Financial Crisis: Ongoing Challenges Facing Delphi Retirees, 111-143 Oversight and Investigations
5/26/2010 FHFA Oversight: Current State of the Housing Government Sponsored Enterprises, 111-142 Capital Markets
5/26/2010 Anti-Money Laundering: Blocking Terrorist Financing and Its Impact on Lawful Charities, 111-141 Oversight and Investigations
5/25/2010 The Administration's Proposal to Preserve and Transform Public and Assisted Housing: The Transforming Rental Assistance Initiative, 111-140 Full Committee
5/21/2010 Accounting and Auditing Standards: Pending Proposals and Emerging Issues, 111-139 Capital Markets
5/20/2010 The Role of the International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve in Stabilizing Europe, 111-138 Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology
5/18/2010 Initiatives to Promote Small Business Lending, Jobs and Economic Growth, 111-137 Full Committee
5/17/2010 Commercial Real Estate: A Chicago Perspective on Current Market Challenges and Possible Responses, 111-136 Oversight and Investigations
5/12/2010 Minorities and Women in Financial Regulatory Reform: The Need for Increasing Participation and Opportunities for Qualified Persons and Businesses, 111-135 Housing and Community Opportunity
5/12/2010 Use of Credit Information Beyond Lending: Issues and Reform Proposals, 111-134 Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
5/11/2010 The Stock Market Plunge: What Happened and What Is Next?, 111-133 Capital Markets
5/11/2010 TARP Oversight: An Update on Warrant Repurchases and Benefits to Taxpayers, 111-132 Oversight and Investigations
5/6/2010The End of Excess (Part One): Reversing Our Addiction to Debt and Leverage, 111-131Oversight and Investigations
4/29/2010Credit Default Swaps on Government Debt:Potential Implications of the Greek Debt Crisis, 111-130Capital Markets
4/28/2010Reviewing FinCEN Oversight Reports, 111-129Oversight and Investigations
4/28/2010Legislative Proposals to Preserve Public Housing, 111-128Housing and Community Opportunity
4/28/2010Promoting Small and Micro Enterprise in Haiti, 111-127International Monetary Policy and Trade
4/21/2010Legislative Proposals to Reform the National Flood Insurance Program, 111-126Housing and Community Opportunity
4/21/2010Corporate Governance and Shareholder Empowerment, 111-125Capital Markets
4/20/2010Public Policy Issues Raised by the Report of the Lehman Bankruptcy Examiner, 111-124Full Committee
4/15/2010Perspectives and Proposals on the Community Reinvestment Act, 111-123Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
4/14/2010The Recently Announced Revisions to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), 111-122 Housing and Community Opportunity
4/14/2010Housing Finance-What Should the New System Be Able to Do?: Part II-Government and Stakeholder Perspectives, 111-121Full Committee
4/13/2010Second Liens and Other Barriers to Principal Reduction as an Effective Foreclosure Mitigation Program, 111-120Full Committee
4/10/2010Addressing the Housing Needs of Native American Veterans with Disabilities, 111-119Housing and Community Opportunity
3/25/2010Unwinding Emergency Federal Reserve Liquidity Programs and Implications for Economic Recovery, 111-118Full Committee
3/24/2010Keeping Score on Credit Scores: An Overview of Credit Scores, Credit Reports and their Impact on Consumers, 111-117Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
3/24/2010H.R. 4868, Housing Preservation and Tenant Protection Act of 2010, 111-116Housing and Community Opportunity
3/23/2010Housing Finance-What Should the New System Be Able to Do?: Part I-Government and Stakeholder Perspectives, 111-115Full Committee
3/18/2010Insurance Holding Company Supervision, 111-114Capital Markets
3/17/2010The Administrationís Proposal to Revitalize Severely Distressed Public and Assisted Housing: The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, 111-113Full Committee
3/17/2010Examining the Link Between Fed Bank Supervision and Monetary Policy, 111-112Full Committee
3/16/2010Rebuilding Haitiís Competitiveness and Private Sector, 111-111International Monetary Policy and Trade
3/11/2010The FHA Reform Act of 2010, 111-110Housing and Community Opportunity
3/11/2010Corporate Governance after Citizens United, 111-109Capital Markets
3/10/2010Approaches to Mitigating and Managing Natural Catastrophe Risk: H.R. 2555, The Homeownersí Defense Act, 111-108Housing and Community Opportunity
3/10/2010Approaches to Mitigating and Managing Natural Catastrophe Risk: H.R. 2555, The Homeownersí Defense Act, 111-108 Capital Markets
3/10/2010Regulation of Money Service Businesses, 111-107Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
3/9/2010Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs): Their Unique Role and Challenges Serving Lower-Income, Underserved and Minority Communities, 111-106Full Committee
3/4/2010Haiti Debt Relief, 111-105 International Monetary Policy and Trade
2/26/2010Condition of Small Business and Commercial Real Estate Lending in Local Markets, 111-104Full Committee
2/25/2010Compensation in the Financial Industry Ė Government Perspectives, 111-103Full Committee
2/24/2010Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy, 111-102Full Committee
2/23/2010Prospects for Employment Growth: Is Additional Stimulus Needed?, 111-101Full Committee
2/10/2010Unwinding Emergency Federal Reserve Liquidity Programs and Implications for Economic RecoveryFull Committee
1/27/2010The State of Global Microfinance: How Public and Private Funds Can Effectively Promote Financial Inclusion for All, 111-100International Monetary Policy and Trade
1/23/2010The Impact of the Foreclosure Crisis on Public and Affordable Housing in the Twin Cities, 111-99Housing and Community Opportunity
1/22/2010Compensation in the Financial Industry, 111-98Full Committee
1/21/2010The Condition of Financial Institutions: Examining the Failure and Seizure of an American Bank, 111-97 Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
1/20/2010H.R. 476, the Housing Fairness Act of 2009, 111-96Housing and Community Opportunity
12/15/2009Covered Bonds: Prospects for a U.S. Market Going Forward, 111-95Full Committee
12/9/2009Additional Reforms to the Securities Investor Protection Act, 111-94Capital Markets
12/8/2009The Private Sector and Government Response to the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis, 111-93Full Committee
12/3/2009H.R. 2266, Reasonable Prudence in Regulation Act, and H.R. 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, 111-92Full Committee
12/2/2009FY09 FHA Actuarial Report, 111-91Full Committee
11/30/2009Improving Responsible Lending to Small Businesses, 111-90Oversight and Investigations
10/30/2009The Overdraft Protection Act of 2009, 111-89Full Committee
10/29/2009Systemic Regulation, Prudential Matters, Resolution Authority and Securitization, 111-88 Full Committee
10/8/2009The Future of the Federal Housing Administration's Capital Reserves: Assumptions, Predictions and Implications for Homebuyers, 111-87Housing and Community Opportunity
10/8/2009H.R. 2382, the Credit Card Interchange Fees Act of 2009 and H.R. 3639, the Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act of 2009, 111-86Full Committee
10/7/2009Reform of the Over-the-Counter Derivative Market: Limiting Risk and Ensuring Fairness, 111-85Full Committee
10/6/2009Capital Markets Regulatory Reform: Strengthening Investor Protection, Enhancing Oversight of Private Pools of Capital, and Creating a National Insurance Office, 111-84Full Committee
10/1/2009Federal Reserve Perspectives on Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-83Full Committee
9/30/2009Reforming Credit Rating Agencies, 111-82Capital Markets
9/30/2009Perspectives on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, 111-81Full Committee
9/25/2009H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, 111-80Full Committee
9/24/2009Recent Innovations in Securitization, 111-79Capital Markets
9/24/2009Experts' Perspectives on Systemic Risk and Resolution Issues, 111-78Full Committee
9/23/2009The Administrationís Proposals for Financial Regulatory Reform, 111-76Full Committee
9/23/2009Federal Regulator Perspectives on Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-77Full Committee
9/17/2009Utilizing Technology to Improve TARP and Financial Oversight, 111-75Oversight and Investigations
9/16/2009Proposals to Enhance the Community Reinvestment Act, 111-74Full Committee
9/10/2009The World Bankís Disclosure Policy Review and the Role of Democratic Participatory Processes in Achieving Successful Development Outcomes, 111-73Full Committee
9/9/2009Progress of the Making Home Affordable Program: What Are the Outcomes for Homeowners and What Are the Obstacles to Success?, 111-72Housing and Community Opportunity
8/21/2009Status of the ĎBig Fourí Four Years After Hurricane Katrina, 111-71Housing and Community Opportunity
8/20/2009Implementation of the Road Home Program Four Years after Hurricane Katrina, 111-70Housing and Community Opportunity
7/29/2009Academic Perspectives on the Future of Public Housing, 111-69Housing and Community Opportunity
7/24/2009Regulatory Perspectives on the Obama Administrationís Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals-Part Two, 111-68 Full Committee
7/22/2009TARP Oversight: Warrant Repurchases and Protecting Taxpayers, 111-67Oversight and Investigations
7/22/2009Regulatory Perspectives on the Obama Administrationís Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-66 Full Committee
7/21/2009Humphrey Hawkins Hearing on Monetary Policy, 111-64Full Committee
7/21/2009Systemic Risk: Are Some Institutions Too Big to Fail and If So, What Should We Do About It?, 111-65Full Committee
7/20/2009Legislative Proposals to Increase Work and Health Care Opportunities for Public and Subsidized Housing Residents, 111-63Housing and Community Opportunity
7/17/2009Industry Perspectives on the Obama Administrationís Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-62 Full Committee
7/16/2009Community and Consumer Advocatesí Perspectives on the Obama Administrationís Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-61Full Committee
7/16/2009Regulatory Restructuring: Safeguarding Consumer Protection and the Role of the Federal Reserve, 111-60 Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology
7/15/2009Legislative Options for Preserving Federally- and State-Assisted Affordable Housing and Preventing Displacement of Low-Income, Elderly and Disabled Tenants, 111-59Housing and Community Opportunity
7/15/2009Banking Industry Perspectives on the Obama Administrationís Financial Regulatory Reform Proposals, 111-58 Full Committee
7/14/2009SEC Oversight: Current State and Agenda, 111-57Capital Markets
7/13/2009Preventing Unfair Trading by Government Officials, 111-56Oversight and Investigations
7/10/2009A Review of the Administrationís Proposal to Regulate the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Market, 111-55Full Committee
7/9/2009H.R. 3068, TARP for Main Street Act of 2009, 111-54Full Committee
7/9/2009Regulatory Restructuring: Balancing the Independence of the Federal Reserve in Monetary Policy with Systemic Risk Regulation, 111-53Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology
7/2/2009The Homeownersí Insurance Crisis: Solutions for Homeowners, Communities, and TaxpayersĒ, 111-52 Oversight and Investigations
6/25/2009Legislative Options for Preserving Federally- and State-Assisted Affordable Housing and Preventing Displacement of Low-Income, Elderly and Disabled Tenants, 111-51Full Committee
6/25/2009Improving Consumer Financial Literacy under the New Regulatory System, 111-50Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
6/24/2009Regulatory Restructuring: Enhancing Consumer Financial Products Regulation, 111-49Full Committee
6/19/2009The Economic Disaster Area Act of 2009, 111-48Full Committee
6/18/2009The Administrationís Plan for the Restructuring of the American Financial Regulatory SystemFull Committee
6/18/2009An Exploration of Barriers to Full Minority Participation in the New Markets Tax Credit Program, 111-47 Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology
6/18/2009Strengthening Oversight and Preventing Fraud in FHA and other HUD Programs, 111-46Oversight and Investigations
6/16/2009H.R. 2336, the GREEN Act of 2009, Part II, 111-45Housing and Community Opportunity
6/16/2009Systemic Risk and Insurance, 111-44Capital Markets
6/11/2009H.R. 2336, the GREEN Act of 2009, 111-43Housing and Community Opportunity
6/11/2009Compensation Structure and Systemic Risk, 111-42Full Committee
6/9/2009The Effective Regulation of the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets, 111-41Capital Markets
6/4/2009The Section 8 Voucher Reform Act, 111-40Housing and Community Opportunity
6/3/2009Remittances: Regulation and Disclosure in a New Economic Environment, 111-39Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
6/3/2009The Present Condition and Future Status of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 111-38Capital Markets
5/21/2009The Section 8 Voucher Reform Act, 111-36Full Committee
5/21/2009Legislative Proposals to Improve the Efficiency and Oversight of Municipal Finance, 111-37Full Committee
5/20/2009H.R. 2351, the Credit Union Share Insurance Stabilization Act, 111-35Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
5/19/2009Capital Loss, Corruption and the Role of Western Financial Institutions, 111-34Full Committee
5/19/2009Approaches to Improving Credit Rating Agency Regulation, 111-33Capital Markets
5/14/2009How Should the Federal Government Oversee Insurance?, 111-32Capital Markets
5/13/2009Implications of the G-20 Leaders Summit for Low Income Countries and the Global Economy; 111-31 International Monetary Policy and Trade
5/13/2009The Role of NeighborWorks and Housing Counseling Intermediaries in Preventing Foreclosures; 111-30Housing and Community Opportunity
5/7/2009Perspectives on Hedge Fund Registration, 111-29Capital Markets
5/6/2009Legislative Solutions for Preventing Loan Modification and Foreclosure Rescue Fraud, 111-28Housing and Community Opportunity
5/5/2009The Role of Inspectors General: Minimizing and Mitigating Waste, Fraud and Abuse, 111-27Oversight and Investigations
5/5/2009The Effect of the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy on State and Local Governments, 111-26Full Committee
4/23/2009H.R. 1728, the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2009, 111-25Full Committee
4/2/2009H.R. 1214, the Payday Loan Reform Act of 2009, 111-24Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
3/28/2009The Housing Crisis in Los Angeles and Responses to Preventing Foreclosures and Foreclosure Rescue Fraud, 111-23Housing and Community Opportunity
3/26/2009Addressing the Need for Comprehensive Regulatory Reform, 111-22Full Committee
3/25/2009Exploring the Balance between Increased Credit Availability and Prudent Lending Standards, 111-21 Full Committee
3/24/2009Oversight of the Federal Government's Intervention at American International Group, 111-20Full Committee
3/23/2009Seeking Solutions: Finding Credit for Small and Mid-Size Businesses in Massachusetts, 111-19Full Committee
3/20/2009Federal and State Enforcement of Financial Consumer and Investor Protection Laws, 111-18Full Committee
3/19/2009H.R. 627, the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act of 2009; and H.R. 1456, the Consumer Overdraft Protection Fair Practices Act of 2009, 111-17Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
3/19/2009Examining the Making Home Affordable Program, 111-16Housing and Community Opportunity
3/18/2009American International Group∆s Impact on the Global Economy: Before, During, and After Federal Intervention, 111-15Capital Markets
3/17/2009Perspectives on Regulation of Systemic Risk in the Financial Services Industry, 111-14Full Committee
3/12/2009The Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009, 111-13International Monetary Policy and Trade
3/12/2009Mark-to-Market Accounting: Practices and Implications, 111-12Capital Markets
3/11/2009Mortgage Lending Reform: A Comprehensive Review of the American Mortgage System, 111-11Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
3/5/2009Perspectives on Systemic Risk, 111-10Capital Markets
3/4/2009TARP Oversight: Is TARP Working for Main Street?, 111-9Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit
2/26/2009Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy, 111-8Full Committee
2/25/2009Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy, 111-7Full Committee
2/24/2009Loan Modifications: Are Mortgage Servicers Assisting Borrowers with Unaffordable Mortgages, 111-6 Housing and Community Opportunity
2/24/2009A Review of TARP Oversight, Accountability and Transparency for U.S. Taxpayers, 111-5Oversight and Investigations
2/11/2009TARP Accountability: Use of Federal Assistance by the First TARP Recipients, 111-4Full Committee
2/10/2009An Examination of the Extraordinary Efforts by the Federal Reserve Bank to Provide Liquidity in the Current Financial Crisis, 111-3Full Committee
2/4/2009Assessing the Madoff Ponzi Scheme and Regulatory Failures, 111-2Capital Markets
2/3/2009Promoting Bank Liquidity and Lending Through Deposit Insurance, Hope for Homeowners, and other Enhancements, 111-1Full Committee
1/13/2009Priorities for the Next Administration: Use of TARP Funds under EESAFull Committee
1/9/2009FHA Oversight of Loan OriginatorsFull Committee
1/5/2009Assessing the Madoff Ponzi and the Need for Regulatory ReformFull Committee


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